Thursday, March 24, 2011


Welcome to my new blog. This blog will consist of reviews, coupon deals, Hauls, and my family life. I hope that you will enjoy this new aspect of my life and find the couponing valueable to your life and family. I have recieved many personal e-mail from my friends and subscribers of youtube letting me know how much money they save from my couponing videos. It makes me feel good to know that the time and effort that i put into finding deals and telling you about its worth it if i can help one family save money. Its funny the other day i was at the checkout at target and they gave me my total. Then i handed them my coupons and after they took them off and gave me a new total my son said "you saved all that over some paper?" I smiled and said yep sure did. You get the occasional person complaining behind you about holding up the line. I used to care but more now i have people behind me saying wow i wish i had some coupons like that. So i have to make some more friends as i have met some really nice ladies. I find that typing a quick blog is alot easier than trying to do a quick video letting people know when i find a good deal. So i will be blogging about it. So check it often. Happy shopping. Angie

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